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So many places to see, so little time to see them.

How it works

Adventure b4 Dementia is basically a travel club If you have traveled overseas, on business or leisure, picked up some local knowledge about the places to see, things to do and not to do, then you are the people we are looking for. We have some members who have visited up to 20 different countries.

What we do

Anyone can visit our website. But to join one of our travel groups you must be a member. Membership comes with a few privileges and a few responsibilities When you elect to join a travel group for a specific destination, you can be sure that either one or both of the lead couple have been there before. You get a chance to either meet up with them or contact them before you begin your trip. All our organised trips use mainstream airlines, and internationally recognized hotels. Of course there may be occasions where the destination dictates otherwise, but you get a chance to discuss all this before you leave. Travel groups are limited to small number, otherwise the logistics become unmanagable. Everyones expectations are set at the same level so hopefully there are no nasty surprises.


Imagine an airline ticket from Australia to Singapore cost AUD$1000 return per person. Total cost of the group to fly = $8000 There are 8 people in the Group. Only 6 of the people actually pay for the flights. The Group leader couple travel for free. So, each the remaining 6 will pay $1333.33 Its that simple. All flights and accommodation and travel expenses are divided amongst the Group, minus the Group Leader Couple. It is of course possible that the Group Leader may be just one Individual, then the prices are even lower. All the costs will be advised well in advance of the time you need to book. AB4D will take a 2.5% administration fee on the total package price.


Where possible we try to book a long time ahead to get the cheaper rate. We are not a travel agency and get no special treatment from the airlines. However, occassionally we will use an Australian travel agency to organise flights.


The same applies here as for Airlines. Where possible we will use 5 star hotels for every travel group. Obviously there will be some travel groups where this is not always possible. Here we rely on the Group Leader to use their previous experience. This gives us the advantage of having prior knowledge of what to expect.


When you register, you can choose to also become a group leader. We ask that you provide some details about countries/cities you have visited, whether it was on business or leasure. Also, if possible, please post a picture to add to your profile.

What to bring

When travelling as a couple, pack each suitcase with day and evening clothing for each person, so that in the unlikely event one of your suitcases is mislaid on your flight, you’ll still be able to manage. Ensure that your personal and holiday details are written on a label inside each suitcase (including name, address, telephone number, departure and return flight details). Write only your name and destination address on outside labels. Make sure that your luggage is in good secure condition, and when carrying fragile items, use a rigid style suitcase for protection.
Check-in only your own suitcases.
Do not carry items packed by other people. Never accept packages or articles from anyone unknown to you to carry on board the aircraft.
There are strict airport security regulations on items that may be carried on board aircraft such as liquids/gels and metal objects.
Please consult your airline or travel agent regarding these and other restricted items and how they must be displayed at airport security checkpoints.
We suggest you pack only essential items for daytime use in your hand-baggage, both for your flight and while on the coach. For example, your camera, medicines, anything that you use frequently or is particularly valuable.
Expensive jewellery, clothing, etc. should be left at home for your peace of mind.

Clothing and Footware

For information on suitable clothing and footwear, please refer to the listings under each country. However, a general tip would be to make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes as a number of cities in Europe are developing as havens for pedestrians.

Below is a list of items to consider packing for your AB4D holiday:
Swimsuit Undergarments Sandals
Socks Hat Sleepwear
Shorts/skirts Jeans/trousers Warm jacket Pullover/cardigan
Waterproof jacket Shirts/blouses  
Good walking shoes    
General Items
Spare batteries/charger Camera & film/memory cards
Medications & Power plug adapters/converter prescriptions
Toiletries Collapsible umbrella Insect repellent
Sunscreen Travel sewing kit Pocket calculator
Plastic bags Travel alarm clock Water bottle
Sunglasses (screw top lid) washing powder
Sachets of Money belt or holster
Passport (& Visas) Travel insurance policy Traveller’s Cheques/Cash
Credit cards
Airline tickets Ensure you scan or photocopy your flight details for each leg of your trip
Leave a copy with friends or family back home so they know where you are likely to be.

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